Friday, April 30, 2010


Macie and I spent some fun time outside yesterday, enjoying the weather! We hung our laundry on the line and blew bubbles, but we also found some really super treasures all over our yard!

As I was setting up Macie's bubbles, I glanced over to my left and I saw this!

Upon further inspection, we found the nest that this little eggy had been nesting in!

Macie was so excited!! She LOVES birds! Poppy lent us a bird ID book, and she loves to stand at our front window with the book open, just watching the birds eating and flying all over. Except now, they're eating Daddy's grass seed, so she fusses at them a little, too! We're loving learning the names of all of our birdies here at the house......she gets especially excited about the Cardinals....because she knows their name, we have a ton of them, and she's got a stuffed one that she plays with.

After our bird's nest discovery we went walking around the backyard to check on our strawberry plants and play with Emo for a little bit. We were happy to see that all of our plants have strawberries on them, growing and waiting to get ripe!

After we checked on the strawberries, I looked through our garden plot (that I'm not gardening in this year) to see if we had any volunteers coming up. We have a couple of green bean plants so far. As I was about to start walking back toward the house, something caught my eye, and I went to investigate. We ended up coming into the house (after a little digging) with these!!

They'll be washed up and eaten for snack today! I love that my garden keeps working even when I'm not!!

We followed up our treasure hunt with swimming lessons, where Macie found a pendant from a necklace in the parking lot and declared that it was GOLD! We went for supper at my sister in law's house to eat hot dogs and brats with Bobby's family! It was a huge day in the Jones house, for sure!!