Thursday, September 07, 2006

bobby and i had a fantastic weekend......we went camping waaaayyyyy back in ashe county with bobby's family. the weather held out for the most part, which was great! there wasn't any rain until our last night. it was nice to have a break from everything, but it made it that much harder to come back to daily life......especially since we came home to a leaky roof (again!), a leaky window, and the cat locked in our bedroom. of course, the cat in the bedroom meant that she hadn't eaten, drank, or had access to her litter box in oh......3 days. She did good, though.....i feel bad for having left her, though. she only peed one time all weekend. we got everything cleaned up and settled down eventually.

i'm getting bigger, and that made camping an sleeping bag was definetley not made for people of the pregnant persuasion......all in all, i had a great time, and i'm glad we squeezed it in before the baby. hopefully, though, our kids will love sleeping outside as much as i do so it can be a regular thing for us.