Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Our family has a few fun traditions...Bobby and I like to keep our individual family traditions going, and have worked hard to add our own into the mix, too.  One of our very favorite ones started sort of by accident.  The summer after we got married (May, 2003) we went to the beach with Bobby's family.  In Garden City, SC.  There is an old arcade that has a photobooth.....a real, black and white, 4 pictures in a row, photobooth.  We had our pictures made as a fun memory, without a second thought!

Fast forward to 2007, we were able to go to Garden City again....this time with an 8 month old Macie Quinn in tow!  Her first beach trip will always be one of my favorite memories!  Since we were staying in the same place, we thought it would be fun to have our pictures taken in the photobooth again.....that's when our favorite family tradition was born!

We have been blessed to go back 3 more times since then.  Our next trip was the summer that Emery Pearl (2010) was born...she was just a tiny 12 weeks old in her debut photostrip!  Macie was so into this shoot, too! 

The following summer, we had a fun and hilarious 4 year old, Macie and a very sleepy 1 year old, Emery!

This summer, both girls really got into it!  We had some super silly and funny faces!  Macie is 5 and a half (that "and a half" is important!) and Emery is 2!

These photo strips stay on our refrigerator, in a spot that I can look and smile at them several times a day.  I love being able to look back at our family, and at how it's grown from two very young newly weds to a photobooth full of my most favorite silly faces ever.

In an even sweeter "accidental" addition to this tradition, the summer that Emery was born, my brother in law proposed to my sister in "our" photobooth.  I know that Lindsey and Brandon treasure those two strips of photos as much as we do ours!

What are some traditions that your family keeps?  Which are the most important to you?