Thursday, September 03, 2009

You must not know 'bout me...


So, I guess I have to start being more careful about what radio station I have it on. Macie NEVER pays attention to the radio, or rather, to what song is playing. She's normally in her own little world, so if I have the radio on, it usually just on one of the generic "listen at work" stations, because I figure they'll have less risk of cursing and questionable songs. Yesterday, while I was putting away laundry, I turned the radio on for background noise, and that Beyonce' song came on. I don't even know the name, but the lyrics say "you must not know 'bout me." Macie immediately started singing it......I guess it made an impression on her, lol! She's been a singing fool I just have to make sure she's hearing good music! Beyonce' is not really the type of music that normally gets played in our house, and while it's funny, I'm not sure I want my 2 year old singing her songs!