Thursday, June 25, 2009

it's been a long time! 3 months!!!! we've been busy these past 3 months. nothing in particular, really, just lots and lots of stuff........visiting family, saying goodbye to loved ones, saying hello to new ones, gardening, living, and loving life!

we took a trip to mississippi in may to see my aunt ruth before she passed away. it was a sad trip, but i'm so thankful that i got to see her one last time, even if she didn't get to "see" me. i know she knew that we were there. we did get to spend some good time with my dad, even though it was a short and busy trip. he and macie had a big time playing in the garden, and just having fun!

macie is now almost 30 months old. i can hardly believe that i have a 2 and half year old! where has the time gone? it's amazing how quickly she's changed in the past few months. she is no longer a baby.........but a little girl. it's amazing to watch her grow up and learn! she's started to really use her imagination, and is getting into pretend play, which i just love!! i love listening to her talk to herself and her toys, and find out just how she sees the world around her. her dolls mostly recreate our days........i'm not sure that's always that's great.......hahaha! today she told me that her dolls were fussing.......then she told them "that's enough!" I guess i say that more than i realize!