Friday, November 14, 2008

it's raining, it's pouring...

i'm actually really enjoying the rain today. I have a fire in the fireplace, a cup of coffee in my hand, and Macie is napping! it's nice to have a slow day now and again......and I'm so excited that our naps are fixed. Macie went nearly 2 weeks without a real nap......that was an adventure to say the least! I think that I fixed it though....(thanks, Cookie!) i'm pretty sure that due to our nightweaning and trying to cut back/limit daytime nursings she went on a nap strike. she would go to sleep fine, but as soon as we layed down if i moved at all, she was awake and not happy for the rest of the day. so since tuesday I haven't been limiting her nursing as much, and she's back to her normal 2 hour naps!! yay! she just wasn't ready to wean, and that was her way of letting me know it. and thankfully i had a friend who nurses her babies for a long time too, to help clue me in!

Macie's vocabulary is really taking off.......yesterday she told me very clearly "it's cold in here!" and after dinner last night, she told bobby "i need to go to the bathroom." (potty training time, here we come!). she didn't go to the bathroom, but that's beside the point! I can't wait for the holidays this year with her......she's going to enjoy everything so much now that she's big enough to know what's going on! I've got to get on planning her birthday party, too. it's only 7 weeks's unbelievable! this time 2 years ago, i was huge, and finding it hard to believe that it was possible that i would be pregnant for 2 more months!