Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday, during school, we talked about colors and the beauty that God has given us in Creation.  Macie and I looked at some black and white pictures compared to some color ones and talked about what it would be like if life really looked like the black and white pictures.  I asked her if she would like it if all of her clothes were grey, and if you know her at all, you know that her answer was an emphatic "NO!"  hahaha!

We did a neat little experiment that I had seen on Pinterest, next....I thought it would be a perfect thing to go along with our color talks!  I put some baking soda in a casserole dish and filled some little dishes with vinegar and food coloring.  The girls had a great time choosing, mixing, and dripping colors into the dish......and were super excited about the fizzing that came along with it!

The girls were a little under the weather yesterday (super tired from Macie's dance recital the night before and Macie had a little fever) so this was a perfect, low key (relatively low mess) experiment for the day.  Somehow, though, all of my droppers were gone, so we improvised.  I think I'll try and round up a couple, so that the next time we do something like this, it'll be a little easier for them. 

We're planning to get outside today and enjoy the beautiful world that God has blessed us with....I think I'll have Macie do a little color collecting, just to reinforce our talking about it.  Thankfully, it's going to be a gorgeous day to do it!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tooth fairy!!

Macie reached a HUGE milestone yesterday.....she lost her first tooth!  It's been loose for a long time (since she was about 4.5!) and it finally decided to let go yesterday after church!  Daddy helped it along a little, though!

She is so very proud of that new little hole in her mouth, and really enjoys sticking her tongue through it!  I'm blown away by how something as tiny as that little tooth has changed her appearance!  Maybe it's more about her being old enough that her baby teeth are falling out. 

The tooth fairy made her inaugural Jones house visit last night, too.  She left a very generous gift, too.....a little pillow pouch with a pocket for future teeth, and 6 quarters!  Macie bounded down the stairs screaming about her gifts at 7 o'clock this morning!

I'm not sure I'm prepared for the rest of her sweet teeth to follow suit, but I don't guess I can stop this from happening!!  Though, in a way, i look forward to her snaggletoothed grin as the rest of them start to go, too!