Thursday, August 20, 2009

socks, sunshine, and sweet tea

Naptime is a wonderful thing at the Jones house. I know that a lot of moms take that time to catch up from the day, but more often than not, I try to take that time to refresh and relax. Tuesday, I did just that. Macie was sleeping, and I turned my bluegrass way up, gathered my supplies and headed outside.

I worked on the mate to my long finished first sock, and got some sun on my ghostly white legs. It was a beautiful thing! It's so much easier for me to make it through my afternoons when I've had that little bit of time to wind down and not have to tend to the needs of anyone other than myself for an hour or so. I think Macie and mommy are both happier for me not wearing myself out cleaning during naptime. I'm refreshed and ready for an afternoon of play when she wakes up, and I have more patience for teaching her how to unload the dishwasher or sweep the floor when she wants to help me with a "job"!

Yes, naptime, it's a wonderful thing!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

sunday afternoons

We had a wonderful, relaxing Sunday afternoon at home today.....which never happens! Macie and Bobby laid down for a nap, and I took that opportunity to spend some time outside and relax. I gathered my supplies, coffee, knitting, Bible, and antique rocking chair. Could life get any better?
I sat on my porch, and enjoyed a beautiful, grey afternoon. God's creation is so I sat, coffee in hand, I had a wonderful time listening to my yard. The soft whisper of the leaves in the breeze, cicadas in the trees, birds singing, and squirrels fussing......I am so blessed!
We love our little house.....once you step into our yard, it's easy to forget that we're right on main street in our busy little town. Hidden back from the road and surrounded by trees, we get a taste of our mountain home, that makes this feel even more like our home here in the city.
I had a great time of reflection and special prayer time for dear friends, and just totally enjoyed some quiet time, and got lots of inspiration from sitting on my little porch. It's days like this that totally renew me.......the Lord knew I needed this day. Once Macie and Bobby woke up, we all went for a bike ride, and had a great time........God is so good to me!