Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sorry for my absence......

sorry i've been away so long! christmas took a lot out of us, and then with macie's birthday right on top of it, it makes the recovery take a lot longer! we also had a bit of a roller coaster january......on the 10th, I found out that I was pregnant. we were all so excited! I sent out an email with a picture of macie holding a sign that said "i'm going to be a big sister!" I was sicker with this one than i was with macie and super tired, but all was going well. On the 26th, though, all was not well.......I ended up miscarrying. It was a shock, and it was hard for us all, but overall, we're doing well. It's all in God's hands, so I'm trying not to stress!

I promise that i'll be catching up, and being more dedicated here! Thanks for sticking with me!