Wednesday, October 29, 2008

we were visited by a fairy last week!  we got macie some wings when we went to the renaissance festival a couple of weekend ago, and i thought i'd take advantage of the few remaining flowers i have around the yard and get some fun pictures!  

macie has really begun to bloom lately.  she's not quite as bashful, or as nervous about being without me anymore.  for the past month, she's been staying (and enjoying) in the church nursery!  that hasn't happened......ever, and i really needed it!  i was totally feeling the effects of not getting to hear or participate at church!  we either didn't go, or i ended up staying in the nursery with her for the entire time.  I did commit to serve in the toddler room permanently at the 11 o'clock service, so we've been getting up and going to the 9:30 service, and that's been wonderful!  not only do i get to enjoy a church service, but macie gets a few hours of play time with some other kids!  she's becoming much more social with our friends, too.  she's gotten comfortable enough with them, i guess!  it's refreshing to see her opening up!