Monday, August 25, 2008

bringin' it back on the road

I know i've said this in every post, but from here on out, I'm commited!  I'm going to make sure I update at least twice a week!  That's big talk, I know, but I really  want a place where everyone can keep up to date on macie's comings and goings!  

She's getting so hilarious now, and it blows my mind how smart she is.  I've recently decided to start setting up our home preschool......she's too eager to try new things to not get going with it!  I've been super inspired by several Montessori mama blogs, so I'm really thinking we'll lean that way.  I think it will fit us really well.....she's really independent already, so if I can further cultivate that and let her learn, then fantastic!  

19 months is a fun but difficult age..........her personality is really blossoming now......i get glimpses of what kind of girl she'll be every day.  She's got such a mix of me and bobby.......she's wild and loud and outgoing, but such a homebody too.  and too many kids totally overwhelm her.  she gets that from bobby.......