Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tut, tut, it looks like rain!

it's so nasty outside today.......i don't even want to go outside to do laundry....bleh. I've been totally slack here, but the holidays had us so busy that i couldn't even think straight! Bobby had almost 2 weeks off for christmas and new years/macie's birthday, so this week has been an adjustment for all of us!

there's not much to update on...macie turned 2, which is HUGE, but we didn't do much due to weather and sicknesses. She got to pick out what kind of cake she wanted, and all we heard about for days was her birthday cake! or her "beetday cake" She of course wanted a confetti cake with sprinkles! Christmas was fantastic this year, and santa was too good to all of us! Macie got a kitchen built by her Poppy, and she's been cooking up a storm ever since! I'll be sure to come back and do a post about it to show pictures!

Bobby got me a Wii Fit, and I've been using it like crazy! It's super fun, and really does give you a great workout! it's pretty entertaining to watch, too! Macie wants me to do "woga" all day, and if not that, then she wants "mama hoo hoop!"

We've been blessed with another new year, and I hope to make this one as good as possible, with the Lord's help, of course! I'm not making any resolutions, but i'm going to try setting some goals for myself. My main one is to spend more time with God. It's the most important relationship I have, yet it always seems to be the one i devote the least time to. I pray that this will change!!