Friday, April 15, 2011

Rescuing Baby Robins

Bobby found a robin's nest that had fallen from it's branch while he was mowing this evening. Only one of the three eggs survived the fall. The ants had already gotten to the other two. Poor baby birdies. We put the nest and eggs into a shoebox until I would wield my mighty Google powers to see what we could do to save the one remaining egg.

Google (in all of it's incredible wisdom) told me to put the nest back in the tree and hope that the mama would come back. I stuck it back in a crook of branches as securely as I could without breaking the nest, and now we're just praying that the mama comes back to take care of her last baby.

Macie and I will be checking on the baby tomorrow to see if the nest survives tonight's storms. Hopefully we'll be seeing a baby robin soon!!

We've got another nest in the backyard that I haven't identified yet, but we'll be watching that one for hatchlings, too!!

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