Friday, May 06, 2011

catching up!

My good intentions were sort of derailed this week! We had an impromptu visit from my mother in law this week, so instead of cleaning, I spent time shopping and enjoying her company! Oh well. Today gets to be a cleaning day anyway, since we have small group here on sunday, so I'll tackle my Martha challenges today! I need to get my Mission Statement on paper, and focus on my Mary challenges, too. I really want to keep up with this challenge, as I can really see myself in this book, and can see the challenges being super helpful to me! I think I'll spend part of my quiet time/girls' naptime catching up on my reading, and really focus on the Mary challenges!!

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Anna said...

Just stopping by from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. Good for you for being so committed to 31 Days to Clean. :) It's funny but the more you get going the more momentum you have, which just makes you want to keep going! Hope the rest of it goes well for you!