Tuesday, January 17, 2012

we love yarn around here

I am a yarn lover......I wish that I had more time (and speedier hands) to accomplish more knitting than I do, but when I get to sit and work a few stitches, I just love it.  Macie has wanted to knit for as long as she's been able to realize what I was doing.  This past Christmas, when I was handing out gift suggestions for the girls, I suggested a corker for Macie.  My sister ran with that idea, and put together a little knitting basket for her.  She got the corker, a book of patterns, and some pretty rainbow yarn all in a pretty basket.  You can see it here behind her and her new holiday Barbie.

 Today, we finally got it out, and I read the instructions and set it up for her.  I knit a few rounds on it so that I was comfortable showing her how to do it.  I showed her twice, and she was off!  She was so excited to be making her own knitted stuff!! 
 Her concentration was so intense!  Except for a couple of dropped stitches (that I got back on her loops easily with the little needle that came with it) she was perfect!
She completed her first little knitted tube, and is trying to decide what we should turn it in to.....bracelet? necklace for a doll? wooly worm? snake?  We'll see!! 

I'm super excited to have another little knitter in the family!  I foresee lots of cozy knitting and hot chocolate dates in our future!


Cassie Bradbury said...

Love love love this!!! She's so smart. What a great gift idea too. :)

Carrie said...

What a thoughtful gift! I know she loves being about to sit with you and stitch away.....here's hoping for more fiber-y dates. :)