Monday, July 31, 2006

it's sooooooo strange to look at myslef lately.........just in the past week or so i've started to look really pregnant, and it's very bizarre and surreal. I caught myself just staring in the mirror this morning while i was brushing my teeth, thinking that doesn't look like me at all........I love the way i look right now, though. i don't have to look at my stomach and be worried about it being flat enough anymore. i just look at it and marvel at what God is allowing to happen inside of me, and i'm just overwhelmed.......i'm so blessed, and it hasn't even really sunk in yet! i still have a tendency to kind of forget that i'm really pregnant.....i mean i look at other pregnant women, and i don't really associate myself with them yet. that'll come i guess.


Allison said...'re a GREAT writer...your stomach looks beautiful!! :)

pastor raymond said...

Su video era gran.bobby es bendecido para tener tal esposa dE ascendencia española. Da las gracias para sus comentarios. Tenga un gran día.

Alexas said...

he's luckier than he knows!! gracias!