Friday, April 11, 2014


I love living in a place that has 4 distinct seasons.  There are clear lines between each, making each transition known.  There is nothing like witnessing the earth come alive in spring, then settling down for a long winter's nap in the fall.  I love it.  Spring and fall happen to be my favorite, too...the change comes as a little bit of a surprise every you forget just how beautiful it can all be.

Life is divided into seasons, too, I've found....though, many more than 4 repeating ones.  I happen to be in a very demanding season.  The one of raising all small children.  I carry the weight of our every day
almost entirely on my own.  Don't misunderstand....Bobby is extremely helpful around the house, and so engaged with our kids.....I'd actually venture to guess that he does a lot more than some husbands and dads, and for that I am thankful.  The reality is, though, that he works very hard at a job outside of our house, while I am here tending little ones!  I treasure my time with my kids, and know how blessed I am to be the one here caring for them every day.  The added responsibility of homeschooling Macie (now 7) makes for some heavy days.  

If I am not careful, I can take my eyes off of these blessings and focus on what I'm missing.  The one on one time with my husband, ladies' nights, a clean house, even alone time in the bathroom!  I try to stop and remind myself that those things will be a part of my life again, one day....just not now.  God has blessed me with 3 very active kids, and called me to be at home with them...teaching and training them to go out into our world for Him.  

I am super lucky to have a great community, many do not have that.  I have a husband that supports and helps me around the house, great girlfriends who listen when I whine (and keep me in check) then pray for me, family that loves me, and a church that pours Christ into our household.  Without all of these things, I don't know where I'd be.

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